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This 10k race is promoted and organized by a comittee that comprises the Town Hall of Murcia, the Athlete Federation of Región de Murcia and the club Murcia Challenge.  The race course is completely set in an urban circuit. The race will take place on Sunday, February 04, 2024 (04/02/2024), along with the Half Marathon and Marathon race. 


The race is open to any participant above the spanish legal age of 18th (born in 2005 and before), with no distinction of gender or nationality whether associated in any federation or not.

Each participant takes part in the race under their own responsibility and declares they have the physical and mental health conditions required to face the race and that they have adequately prepared for the event through training and other means.

The organization will not be liable for any responsibility due to lack of preparation or physical conditions that may end in any physical problem or injury not covered by the insurance companies.



Registrations are issued through our official site www. maratonmurcia.com or through any other web sites or stores officially authorised. The registration will be complete once the payment is fulfilled.


·            10€ for those who register before September the 30th, 2023.

·            17€ for registrations between 1, October and 15, December 2023.

·            20€ for registrations from 16, December until 1st of February 2024.


These fees don´t include the 3€ day license for those runners lacking a valid Federative license on the day of the race.

Registration is personal and non-transferable and implies complete acceptance of this REGULATION.

TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP: Transfers will be allowed until the 15 days prior the race1st of December, without the option of changing t-shirt size.

For those participants registered after 1, January, the t-shirt size chosen cannot be guaranteed.

For legal and security reasons, the number may not be transferred to another participant without knowledge of the organization and without agreement on its part. If the organization becomes aware of this circumstance, it will proceed to disable the number subject to unauthorized assignment, so it will not be able to participate in the race.

Refund Insurance.

All participants can contract at the time of registration a REFUND INSURANCE that guarantees the return of 100% of the registration until 10 January, 2024 and 70% of the registration from January 11, 2024 until February 1, 2021, as of this date you will no longer have the right to any refund, except for the causes described below.

If the test could not be carried out for reasons of force majeure, outside the organization, and after the previous periods have elapsed, with this insurance the return of 85% of the registration is guaranteed to all participants who had not previously used it or carry over the complete inscription to the next edition.

The cost of this insurance will be € 4 and will be carried out solely and exclusively at the time of registration.

Participants who have not contracted the reimbursement insurance, if the test is suspended due to force majeure, outside the organization, may choose to return 50% of the registration or save the complete registration for the next edition.

In case of cancellation or suspension of the test once it has begun, for security reasons beyond the control of the organization, no type of reimbursement is contemplated, whether reimbursement insurance is contracted or not.

The refund will be made by the same means of payment with which the insurance was made.



All registered participants will be covered by a civil liability policy arising under applicable law and an accident insurance policy, arranged by the Organization to cover accidents that occur as a direct result of the development of the race, and never as a derivation of a pathology or latent defect, injury, imprudence, negligence, failure to observe the laws and the articles of the Regulation, etc., or those produced in commuting to and from the place where the race takes place.

Should the participant not possess a federal license of the RFEA (Royal Spanish Athletics Federation or license FAMU (Athletics Federation of Murcia),4 € will be added to the registration fee as a “one day license".



All participants must be respectful to the personnel involved in the organization such as course stewards, aid station supervisors and medical equipment, as well as with other participants and spectators. They also are committed to treating self and other´s sports equipment with respect.

Participants will try not to litter the streets with bottles or other products (envelopes gels, etc ...) They must try to throw them in the nearest containers.

Participants are not allowed to cut corners or hop on the sidewalks or similar. Racers must follow the line marked by the organization indicating the exact distance of the race. Shortening the distance may end in an immediate disqualification.



The organization will not assume any liability regarding effects or consequences arising from damage, whether personal or material, caused by participants during the race. As well as the organization will not be liable for damages caused to participants, volunteers or staff organization by any third parties.



Timing will be controlled with CHIP; therefore its use is compulsory. Different check points will be settled along the race and racers must necessary pass through them.

Runners not registered in the race or not wearing their bib number will not be allowed to enter the circuit as a way of defending the registered racers´ rights.


The Organization shall have a cloakroom where runners can leave their belongings though disclaims any liability for loss or damage.

The Organization may request any participant to open their bags before depositing, to check the content thereof. Should a participant refuse to open a bag, the Organization may refuse to pick up the bag.



The race will have a time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Those runners who don´t meet the time limit will be disqualified. This measure is applied for the sake of runners´ safety.

The whole course will be marked and organization staff will also be indicating troublesome spots.



Within the course there will be aid stations supplying racers with fruit and liquids. IT IS IMPORTANT to throw peels, bottles and glasses in the containers set for such use: REMEMBER, NEVER ON THE FLOOR! Stepping on any peel could cause a slip and consequently hurt other runners.



Medical and health services will be allocated to take care of the participants during their performance if needed. The organization recommends all participants to undergo a medical examination before the race. By registering all participants accept the risk arising from sports activity, and declare to be in top physical condition to perform this race and to do it at their own risk. A document affidavit is to be downloaded from the web and handed over prior to collecting bib numbers.

Any athlete with previous or chronic health problems is obliged to provide written notice  to the organization prior the day of the race, so that their bib number can be marked with a red cross and have on it the name, address, telephone and suffering health problems. 

Physiotherapy and podiatry services will be available, only for the exclusive use of runners who have suffered some kind of injury. Physiotherapy service will not be used in any case as relaxing massage or discharge while the race is being held.

Medical Services shall be entitled to withdraw the participant in case of poor physical condition that may lead to jeopardize the participant´s own health.

IMPORTANT: In case of accident this situation must be reported to any member of the organization. The medical services of the organization will be the ones who to determine the degree of injury and start the communication protocol of injured. (The protocol will be indicated on the official website www. maratonmurcia.com ).




Male and female categories are the following:




Limited mobility



between the age of 18/22


between the age of 23/34


between the age of 35/39 (M35)


between the ages of 40/49 (M40)


between the ages of 50/59 (M50)


between the ages of 60/69 (M60)


between the ages of 70/99 (M70)


All ages indicated must be completed on the day of the Race.



finisher medal will be awarded to every runner who finishes the whole course. This medal can be customized after the race in the post-meta area with a cost of 3€.

Trophies will be awarded to:

·            The first three runners overall (male and female)

·            First three runners in each category (male and female)


Not collected Trophies will be considered refused and they can´t be collected once the trophy ceremony is closed.

Non-official classifications will be published as soon as they are available at an Information Board in the post-meta area. From that moment on, objections must be raised within 30 minutes of the publication of the results of category winners.  

Objections will be presented before the official judge/referee within 30 minutes from the first publication. If complaints are dismissed, a further appeal could be presented in writing to the Appeal Jury, including a 100€ fee which will be refunded should the objection be upheld.

Once the objections are solved, classifications will be deemed definitive and will be published on the official Web page.

The Trophy award ceremony to the first three male and female runners overall will start at 11.00, if possible, and from that time on, trophies will be awarded each 30 minutes.



All participants, by registering, declare that they know and accept these Regulations and the Statement of Disclaimer and Data Protection. In case of doubt, the criteria of the Organization will prevail.

By the mere fact of registering, the participant declares the following:

"I participate in the race completely voluntarily and I consciously assume the hardness of it, taking into account its distance and technical difficulty, for this I declare that I have sufficient technical knowledge, experience and physical and psychological condition to face the characteristics of the race.

I declare that I am in an optimal state of health to participate in the 11th edition of MARATON MURCIA, having the total certainty of being physically and psychologically suitable for it and having passed the pertinent medical controls in a positive way, ruling out any disease, pathology, injury or any other health problem that discourages my participation. In the event that at the time of holding the test there has been any change in my state of health, I promise not to participate in it.

During the development of the competition I will contribute as much as possible to the Organization, to avoid personal accidents and I will maintain an appropriate behavior, not endangering my health, or that of other people. I agree to comply with the regulations set forth in the REGULATION OF THE 11TH EDITION OF THE MARATHON MURCIA, safety protocols and indications established by the Organization.

Taking into account all of the above, I release the Organization, sponsors and / or other participating institutions from any responsibility for any accident or injury that may be suffered before, during and / or after the sporting event, waiving from now on any legal action against of any of these entities.

I also authorize the Organization to make advertising use of photos, videos and any other type of audiovisual material in which it may appear, accepting the publication of my name in the classification of the test, in the media and / or internet, without expect any payment, compensation or retribution in this regard. "

Notice.- The Organization recommends that all participants undergo a medical examination prior to the test, accepting all participants the risk derived from sports activity.

Participants undertake to respect the rules of the competition, the regulations of the Spanish Athletics Federation.

You may receive assistance and help from another participant, while the sports event is being held, and may not be accompanied by anyone outside the event during the tour, and may be disqualified.

In the starting area there will be a mandatory material and administrative control area, the runner's license and his ID will be necessary, (document with a photo to verify the identity of the participant), as well as the numbers that the organization provides , without bending or manipulating, which must be in a visible place in the front.

For the subsequent removal of the material, it will also be necessary to present a license or ID, which accredits and identifies the owner of the material.

Recovery areas with water, soft drinks and fruit will be available during and at the end of the test for all participants.

The identification elements that are delivered during the event will be used to opt for the different services offered by the organization, which must be shown if requested by the volunteer staff and the organization during the sports event.

It will be mandatory for each participant to read and accept before registering the test the "EXEMPTION OF RESPONSIBILITIES" that appears at the end of the Regulation.



Runners not complying with any of the following regulations will be automatically disqualified

·       Not passing through the checkpoints.

·       Not completing the whole race track.

·       Altering or concealing bib numbers advertising.

·       Carrying a different bib number to the one provided by the organization.

·       Not wearing the original bib number allocated for this race.

·       Crossing the finish line without the bib number.

·       Not following the instructions given by the judges or staff of the organization.

NOTE: Runners not wearing a visible official bib number and/or official wristband will be removed from the race.

If a fake bib number is detected, the runner wearing it will be automatically removed from the competition, both registered runner and the impostor, not allowing to participate in the race and giving notice of the RFEA judges to veto it in other races.

Participants are not allowed to run accompanied by pets, or other people outside the competition, especially minors, for safety reasons. Any participant disobeying this rule may be disqualified for this reason, and will not appear in the final classifications nor will have access to any prizes.



After crossing the finish line a post-finish area will be available only for participants. There will be refreshing stations, medical and physiotherapy services. Once a participant leaves the finish-recovery zone, they won´t be able to enter it again.



The Race will not be suspended due to adverse weather conditions, unless there is a risk to the physical integrity of the participants, dictated by the competent bodies or a civil emergency situation occurs. In this case, the organization will act at the request of the competent authority and sports judges.

The organization reserves the right to modify the route, the schedule, as well as the possibility of postponing or suspending the event for reasons of security or force majeure, without causing a claim for financial compensation derived from the expenses incurred for attendance at the event, such as accommodation, travel, etc. and of any type or damages on the part of the registered ones.

The compensations for the suspension of the test are described in the section REFUND INSURANCE.



In compliance with the provisions of Article 5, Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the protection of personal data, all race participants, by virtue of entering for the race, hereby state that they understand and accept these Regulations, Waivers of Liability, and Data Protection provisions. Should any dispute arise regarding their interpretation, that of the Organisers shall prevail.


The collection and processing of personal data, is intended for use in the registration of participants, and for providing information related to the Murcia Marathon. The personal data provided, as well as images and photographs from the race day, will be used for the event promotion, as well as for the dissemination of the event news and the final race results in which the following details will be displayed: name, surname, category and nationality.

When you register, you declare that you have been informed of the terms contained therein and expressly consent that your personal data be processed for the aforementioned purposes. You can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection by writing to:. Club Murcia Challenge , Calle Peña Huertana S/N 30004 MURCIA


By entering the race MARATON MURCIA, the runner hereby states the following:

By completing the registration for the MARATON MURCIA RACE in any of its modalities, ther runner acknowledges and accepts the following points:

“I take part in the Murcia Maratón race on my own free will and I understand and accept these Regulations, Waivers of Liability, and Data Protection provisions, as well as I fully understand the difficulty of a race of this kind given both the distance run and technical considerations and I have read and accept the Race Regulation.

I hereby state that I have sufficient technical knowledge and experience and that I am physically and mentally fit to take part in the Murcia Marathon 2023. I have passed all requisite medical examinations and that these have ruled out any disease, pathology, injury or other health problem that would make taking part in the trial risky. If my state of health changes, I solemnly undertake not to compete in the race.

During the competition, I shall do my utmost to help the Organisers prevent personal accidents. I also undertake to act properly and not to endanger my health or that of others. I accept the rules set out in the REGULATIONS FOR THE MURCIA MARATHON 2023, security protocols and other guidelines set by the Organisers.

Furthermore, in the light of the foregoing I hereby assume that derived from any sports activity, accidents may occur, and I exempt the Organisers, sponsors, and/or other participating institutions of any liability for any accident or injury which I may cause to other participants or third parties. I also exempt the Organiser from any injure I may suffer before or after the trial, renouncing any legal action against said parties.

I hereby authorise medical services to provide medical treatment or diagnosis I should require.

I hereby authorise the Organisers to use photographs, videos, and any other kind of audio-visual material on me for advertising purposes. I accept publication of my name in the race classification, in the media and/or the Internet, renouncing any payment, compensation, or reward in this connection.”

The Organisers recommend that runners undergo a medical check-up before the race. By entering the trial, runners expressly accept the risk inherent in any sport.



The organization reserves the right to make changes to these regulations if it deems it necessary, appropriate or compulsory. Substantial changes or modifications will be communicated via Web and Social Media, as well as at the Runner´s Fair that will take place during bib collection.

All cases not specified in this Regulation shall be governed by the General Competition Rules of FAMU, RFEA and IAAF for this season.